The Truth About William And Kate's Relationship

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding was broadcast on television for all to see, but what are the seemingly perfect couple like behind closed doors? Here is the truth about Kate and William's relationship.

Many Prince William and Kate Middleton fans will know that the couple first met while studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. However, this version of events is a little misleading, as Kate and William actually met many years before their studies began.

According to the royal biographer Katie Nicholl, the pair first crossed paths in 1991, when William was still in prep school. Apparently, pupils from William's school went to Kate's school to play hockey. While Kate wasn't interested in William romantically at the time, as she was just 9 years old, she reportedly found his visit extremely exciting. Nicholl wrote in her book Kate: The Future Queen,

"It was the first time Kate had set eyes on the young prince, but certainly not the last."

Watch the video for the truth about William and Kate's Relationship.

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Playing hockey | 0:13
Fashion show | 0:55
Moving in | 1:54
After graduation | 2:53
A brief split | 3:47
Their first home | 4:48
A proposal | 5:18
The royal wedding | 6:01
Morning sickness | 6:53
Prince George on tour | 7:42
Expanding their family | 8:25
Normal childhood | 9:23
Relatable lifestyle | 10:11
A tough time | 11:01

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